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Below are a selection of accounts provided by my clients.  I am very grateful for their generosity and willingness to share their experiences. They illustrate the typical results that can be achieved with the use of holistic psychology processes.  
Thank you to you all...

CAROLE  2018

"I came into contact with Cathryn through a two page spread in the local paper about alternative therapy. I had three young children under five, and was taking anti depressants for post natal depression.  Cathryn helped me to come off them, and find more confidence in myself. I was a little sceptical about EFT but am so very glad I tried it. I have truly never looked back.  I am so blessed to have this caring, generous and most kind-hearted lady in my life. She has given me the ability to find the real me.  Most of my childhood I was put down, could never do anything correctly and the memories of this had a  hold over me, a deep hurt. One of my parents would go away, made better, come back, then the other would go, then come back, all due to their own medical reasons, but not much explanation to my brother and me.  With Cathryn I worked on those traumatic memories and to deal with losing my mother, a very tough area for me. She teases out the root cause of the trauma, one moment you are going through the process and the next I am giggling which does boggle my mind! I am now in a much better place in my life, and can stand up for myself far more.  Cathryn is an inspiring lady and has a genuine passion for her work.If our paths had not crossed I'm not sure where I would be today." 


IMG-20180417-WA0000 x.jpg

"Cathryn is a very friendly, kind and caring lady who is always compassionate and sensitive towards any issues/troubles I have faced.  She is an extremely good listener and you instantly feel at ease in her presence.  Due to suffering with severe anxiety and panic attacks from the age of 13, I had tried many options to overcome some of my fears ( the main one being the fear of being sick) and Cathryn is what I would call 'my light' in what felt like a very dark tunnel. I would 100% recommend Cathryn to anyone, as I have conquered a lot since meeting her and working together towards my brighter and much happier future!"


JOHN   2017

"Even though my life was in a really good place, I was still carrying childhood wounds, which I thought I’d just have to hold space with for the duration of this life.

Working with Cathryn has allowed me to bring healing very gently and quickly to these places of hopelessness and heaviness. She has guided me to  transform the old neural pathways  so that my life is sweeter, more connected, and fulfilling. If you are reading this don’t give up on yourself, you deserve your natural beautiful inheritance of life, and without fuss, Cathryn can help."

ALAN   2017

"Over the years certain events have had a traumatic effect on me which have mounted up and caused me to feel stressed and promoted the need to modify my behaviour in order to cope, even when that behaviour was not in my best interest!

I approached Cathryn to resolve these issues and am so pleased that I did!!Cathryn has an intuitive knack of asking THE question which helped untangle the "faulty" thinking which was driving my "faulty" behaviour…………….she then skilfully led me through a series of very short visualisation exercises which had the effect of me feeling and behaving so much better than I have in years.

I was amazed that I had carried on in a stressed state for all these years and yet with Cathryn’s expert guidance we were able to get to a place where I feel great in situations that used to be very traumatic for me.

My experience of Cathryn’s therapy is that it was very quick (one session resolved a major problem that had been ongoing for ages) and remarkably pain free with no need to trawl through my "life story"……what a relief!"

SARAH   2016

"When I found Cathryn, I had been in an 8 year marriage which ended in very long drawn out divorce and court case.  My marriage was very unhappy, living with an emotionally abusive and sometimes violent man for many years. I had also lost a baby during this time which left me scarred and without a supportive partner I never really processed my loss. 

 It got to the point I couldn't cope. I couldn't sleep for going over the past, my every waking minute was effected by what I'd been through, it was talking to a work friend who led me to Cathryn.

I had considered therapy in the past but didn't feel confident traditional talking therapy would help me because I generally didn't have a problem opening up about my experiences so I couldn't see how talking would help me. My friend encouraged me to give Cathryn a try because of her alternative outlook. 

 I had many anxieties when I first arrived at Cathryn's but almost from the moment I walked into the room I felt a sense of calm. Cathryn was lovely and so supportive, knowing when to push me and when to let me have a moment. I have to admit being skeptical when I went for my first session but even after that first one I could feel a difference. Although I'd talked about these things before with family or friends the way I went through it with Cathryn left me with a sense of relief like I'd let go of that memory at last. That night I went home and I slept better than I had in years. 

I continued to see Cathryn for a period of months, feeling better and better each and every time, even when I thought I'd got to the end of needing to see Cathryn she helped me open to up to my feelings of guilt of everything my ex husband had put my family through which I didn't even realise I still had. It was a great way to end my time with Cathryn and as I left I felt free from my pain, past and my own memories. 

Cathryn helped me become the person I always knew I could be and I would recommend anyone to go to Cathryn for anything they feel like they need help with, I don't think Cathryn's therapy has limitations to who she can help and what their reasons are for going and I know I can say if I ever need help with anything again Cathryn will be the first person I call. 

I cant thank her enough for helping me set myself free. "

Sarah and her new husband Rich on their wedding day, August 2016!

Sarah and her new husband Rich on their wedding day, August 2016!

LEE   2016

I first visited Cathryn nearly 3 years ago at a time when I was really struggling with social anxiety and a severe case of chronic blushing which was crippling me and holding me back in life from doing the things I wanted and needed to do. I was using anti-depressants and anti-anxiety prescription medication to control my social anxiety and depression.

First time around, I had maybe 4 or 5 sessions with Cathryn. When I left the sessions it wasn’t as if a switch had been flicked and I had no sudden eureka moment. Honestly, I felt very much the same but in the following weeks and months I just started to think about my anxiety and my blushing less and less. Then one day I said to my girlfriend (Who I met a month after seeing Cathryn, Maybe coincidence, maybe not) "I haven’t blushed for ages and I don’t even think about it anymore!"

Fast forward nearly 3 years and I haven’t had a problem with blushing for well over 2 years, I now have the self esteem I always dreamed of, I am medication free and my social anxiety is nearly non-existent, I still have the odd moment where I feel a little uncomfortable, but it’s easily handled.

I have recently returned to Cathryn just to work on and understand some past events in my life that may be holding me back from fulfilling my full potential, I believe that personal growth and development are the most important things to focus on in life, and In the words of Tony Robbins, “If you are not growing, then you are dying”.

Speaking to Cathryn to work through past events and become my best version is definitely the most effective way I’ve found to make huge changes in a short time. It really is amazing what can happen when you program your subconscious mind and install new beliefs using EFT.

From the moment you walk into the the tranquil room that Cathryn has set up, you feel at ease. Cathryn listens to everything you have to say and you just know you’re not being judged in any way, she clearly wants to help and she does an amazing job at doing so.  Since my first visit to Cathryn, I have a new found confidence which has been noticed by almost everyone who i’m close to, I have found my passion in life, created an online business (something I always wanted to do but never had the confidence) and left my old job behind along with all the negativity that came with it. 

I can’t recommend booking a session with Cathryn enough to just talk about your problems. Thats all you have to do and Cathryn will take care of the rest.

Thank you so much Cathryn, you really have changed my life.

Lee, (looking sharp in in the shades) with his lovely girlfriend.

Lee, (looking sharp in in the shades) with his lovely girlfriend.

MICHELLE   2016    (telephone client)


"In my early 20's I switched overnight from being a sociable, gregarious character, that was fazed by little, to someone who found it difficult to make conversation, was plagued by intense scanning and hyper vigilance as to my interactions with others. It blighted every area of my life. I had a happy childhood - could not understand where this came from and proved to be a huge handicap in every aspect of my life.

For years I have searched for a solution.  I have seen countless 'professionals' as well as some more alternative therapies - psychologists, hypnotherapists, counsellors, EFT practitioners and tried countless techniques over 20 years to find the cause and the relief from my symptoms. Some even challenged my loving, happy childhood, suggesting there must have been some trauma that generated this response. I have never been able to crack this.   As part of my continual search for the solution, I stumbled on Cathryn's website. There lay my journey to mental freedom. It wasn't an overnight solution but I felt from the onset she completely understood the issue and the link to something seemingly trivial in my childhood and how this had triggered these symptoms. It all seemed so simple !

What I  have loved about working with Cathryn is there was never a moment where I thought this was not treatable unlike some other practitioners who often left me in greater despair than before I started seeing them. Cathryn's gentle and empathetic approach and 100% belief that this could be treated, was inspirational.  She has also been on hand to offer support in between sessions and encouragement in those moments where I have 'wobbled'.

The impact on my life has been immeasurable and I cant thank Cathryn enough for the new lease of life she has given me !"



HELEN   2016

A normal day started with our normal routine but then my husband and best friend, my soulmate - my world - was killed on his way to work. A friend recommended Cathryn and, having tried conventional counselling and anti-depressants, I agreed to make an appointment. Thank goodness I did! Cathryn's session was a revelation and she has helped and gently guided me through the shock, trauma and myriad of emotions helping me to conquer my nightmares and accept a new reality without my husband. Cathryn is a genius whom I would recommend (and have!) unreservedly. Thank you Cathryn x


JAMES    2016

  When I first arranged a meeting with Cathryn I was very sceptical about alternative therapies, as most 28 year old men are.  At the time I had been through some very difficult personal situations and anti-depressants being the only answer from my GP, I thought it was worth trying something new.  I am so glad I took that leap as I would not be in the position I am today if it wasn't for the work that followed.

Cathryn helped me explore and come to terms with some very difficult and troubled events from my past.  By releasing and redirecting the energy, appeasing my younger/inner self and allowing me time to process all of this within a safe and trusted environment, my life began to change.

I went from an anxious, troubled man, feeling isolated and on the verge of dropping out of University, to a slightly more content person, achieving first class honours in my degree and having the confidence to take a chance to move to Ibiza to follow my dream of having a career in the music industry.

There is much more to this story but something I have learned is that everybody's story is very different.  I wouldn't like to fill anybody's head with false hopes, although my journey has been nothing short of amazing.  I'm certain that without this intervention I wouldn't have had some of the best experiences of my life.  I am extremely grateful for the work that Cathryn and I did and would certainly recommend it to anyone.


REBECCA   2016


"I went to see Cathryn following the traumatic birth of my first child.  I found that I could not think of the event without feeling overwhelmed with a mixture of negative feelings.  I did not want this to affect the way I interacted with my daughter so booked a session with Cathryn.  I was really nervous about what would happen at the session as well as how I would feel bringing up all the memories.  Cathryn was wonderful, I felt really at ease and could explain my feelings without holding anything back.   I felt safe and able to do this as Cathryn was with me guiding me through it.  We had a number of sessions working through various issues regarding the birth and I left feeling that I could look back on my daughter's birth with joy rather than fear and sadness.  I then fell pregnant again and with this brought more negative emotions, I was terrified of the same experience occurring again.  I went back to see Cathryn and together we worked through the emotions until we came to a place where I felt in control and ready for the birth.  My son's birth was a completely different experience and I feel that a lot of this was due to my being able to deal with the emotions that my previous birth had left behind.  Cathryn enabled me to confront my feelings of fear, anger and loss and move on.  This means that I can enjoy my children without having a dark cloud of negative emotion hanging over me."


KERRI   2016


"We are so thankful to have been put in touch with Cathryn. Very quickly Cathryn resolved an underlying anxiety problem that was having a negative effect on our daughter's wellbeing.

 Our daughter, age 9, had been struggling with ongoing sleep disturbances and night terrors. This endured for about 8 months; most evenings her sleep was interrupted. At times these episodes could be quite violent and she would also be in pain. We thought that her problems started immediately after an incident on holiday abroad.  All our belongs were stolen from our hire car. Our daughter was with us when we found the damaged vehicle and the luggage gone. She was devastated. From that moment on she seemed to lack confidence and the sleep problems began. 

Months of worry and sleep deprivation passed us by before someone recommended Cathryn. The GP had not given us any options so I was willing to try the services offered by Cathryn. 

There was an initial consultation over the phone and an appointment was arranged. I stayed in an adjoining room while Cathryn and my daughter talked. Cathryn provides a lovely setting and she was quick to reassure and build a relationship with our daughter. Cathryn explained that as children are receptive to this intervention that we may not need a return visit.

She was right!!! After only one session our daughter had improved vastly. After a few days there seemed to be an improvement and over a week later her disturbances had reduced by 80%. Two months later she is still doing well and very rarely has any problems. 

We are so thrilled to be back to normal. Our visit to Cathryn was so worthwhile. If you have a child with a similar problem or anything anxiety related I can definitely recommend Cathryn."


ALISON   2016

"  I have had the benefit of Cathryn's help over the last two years. I initially went with some health issues including heart palpitations and had believed they were not 'medical' as such, more stress related. ( please note: Alison had been checked by her GP and taken all relevant medical advice before starting to see Cathryn)  I was 48, in general good health with a happy positive outlook and in a busy, working happy family unit.  With Cathryn's help it became clear that my medical conditions were being caused by underlying issues within my own family since I had been a child.  Nothing sinister, but just how I had felt and stored certain experiences, relationships and situations within my own world over time and without ever really dealing with them. 

These unsolved problems were now manifesting themselves in completely undetectable ways many years later and would have been treated by the medical profession with tablets and probably more.

During sessions Cathryn was able to discover the causes of the anxiety which I would never have related or linked at all, and did not concern me on a normal daily basis.  Her techniques are logical, clever, easy and warming.  With her help I went through methods of 'handling and rewriting' my memories and was able to release historic baggage which made me feel so empowered and happy.  Nobody can change history of course, but this is so much more than counselling as it provides specific ways for your body and mind to actually take on what has happened and set up a new more positive picture of how things were/could be.

My heart pains and racing completely stopped and I am now using Cathryn's techniques in other everyday challenges that we all face.

I would recommend Cathryn to absolutely anyone, old or young who has either physical or emotional symptoms or just a sense of issues being unresolved.  However big or small you think they are, they are all important, and it is fantastic to know you can do something about it.  I know she has also helped with bereavements, trauma, health issues and all sorts of depressions.  She is kind and comfortable to be with and I wish she was there for everyone.  The world would be a much happier place. "


JO   2016

"I have suffered from periods of depression for most of my life. Having experienced several forms of 'talking therapies' I never found a method which helped me to cope with my life. Nothing solved or relieved my tensions successfully until I met Cathryn. 

She is amazingly intuitive and somehow finds the root of the problem without my having to voice it. When I see Cathryn I soon feel calm, reassured and peaceful. I leave her knowing there is hope and I can face my difficulties with confidence. 

I always come away feeling so much better and I think that without her help I would still be struggling. She is a marvel!" 


ADELE   2016

" Cathryn has helped me so much in this journey called life. Her technique is so unique to anything I have come across or heard about before. It has helped me to overcome struggles and stresses of everyday life. It has also helped me to understand occurrences that have happened throughout my life, even from my childhood.

It is a gentle way to achieving your goals and has helped me be who I want to be. 

My path to leading a positive life would of been very different without Cathryn. I truly believe that everyone would benefit from her technique. Thankyou Cathryn. You really have been my fairy godmother waving your magic wand.''


RACHEL   2016


"I came to Cathryn with chronic pain, high levels of anxiety and deep hurt.  I am delighted to say that after healing many emotional traumas in our sessions together the physical pain has gone.

Cathryn has a special gift of getting to the heart of the matter.  Of unraveling the layers to find the source of the pain.  And then once there to find a unique way to release it.     She is incredibly skilled at listening to all that spills out and intuitively selecting what to work on. She is calm, compassionate, never judgemental and always accepting.  Cathryn is a healer who is incredibly generous with her time and her abilities and I feel blessed to have worked with her."

GLORIA    2016


"  I was introduced to Cathryn and EFT approximately 5 years ago, shortly after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Cathryn and I have worked through incidents which happened some number of years ago which include bullying at work, the loss of a partner and a breakdown in a family relationship.  I have found this therapy enabled me to put these issues into different contexts and assisted me in facing the treatments I have undergone for the cancer without the fears I had.  I would wholeheartedly recommend this form of therapy with Cathryn. "


Testimonials from previous years.



"Having seen how Cathryn's EFT has worked with Mum's hoarding issues, I can honestly say it is nothing short of a miracle.  She has managed to let go of items (and feelings) that she's been holding onto for years. It is enormously helpful that  Cathryn can do the sessions by telephone.   I think everyone I know could benefit from a session with her!"


Cathryn and Jasmine produced a series of EFT videos for those suffering from hoarding issues, and their families. They can be found towards the bottom of the Self Help page of Jasmine's website -

Jasmine and her Mum, Vasoulla

Jasmine and her Mum, Vasoulla

Cathryn and Jasmine on filming day.

Cathryn and Jasmine on filming day.

In an interview on BBC Radio London Jasmine described seeing Vasoulla responding to some EFT with Cathryn as ' miraculous, really nothing short of miraculous'.

Extract from article in The Guardian

The good news – though Jasmine says she is loath to hope for too much, too soon – is that Vasoulla is currently undergoing a form of therapy called Emotional Freedom Technique to help her face up to, and deal with, her difficult memories. So far, the results are encouraging. "About an hour after one session, Mum turned to me and said: 'The books can go.'

"That was a huge breakthrough: she has thousands of books, enough to run a bookshop. But whatever had happened in that session, she felt she could move on from the books, and that was a big turning point," says Jasmine.

Note:  See Cathryn's article on Hoarding on the Articles page of this website.



"Cathryn is a very intuitive and excellent practitioner with whom I always felt reassured and safe. I had social anxiety for 10 years which was ruling my life and making me very unhappy. Everyday was a struggle but I felt powerless to stop it. I didn't know how to help myself. I really felt it was stopping me from doing what I wanted to do in my life. I had tried many other therapies throughout the years to address this problem including: anti-depressants, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, counselling, acupuncture, meditation but nothing seemed to really "work" or get to the heart of the problem.

I was about ready to give up looking when I found EFT. I could not believe how gentle but effective this treatment was. I am so grateful for finding Cathryn and EFT for the relief it has given me from my issues. I now feel able to do so many things I could not do before and my life is opening up before me with new possibilities and doors opening. I am now travelling and considering the possibility of living in a foreign country which is something I never would have done before with my social anxiety. I am "living" my life and enjoying the journey.

I urge anyone thinking about working with Cathryn to give it a try even for just one session, I promise you will not regret it and you have nothing to lose. "



"My life from an early age and for most of my adult life has been a difficult one for me. Some of my earliest memories were of being alone or neglected. I experienced physical abuse from my father, on one occasion my back was cut open when his belt buckle broke as it hit the ceiling.  I think I found the emotional abuse the hardest to deal with. Being called stupid and that I would never amount to anything and worse. This went on for around 10 years.

I was sexually assaulted by someone who befriended me at aged around 9, and never spoke about it until I was 47 years old.

My brother was killed in a road accident at 10 years of age, I blamed myself for that. My mother told me in a fit of rage that it should have been me and not my brother that died.

At 15 I had used my first drug and found a way to change the way I felt and hid behind this for 30 years. In and out of prison, a broken marriage, two children in care and all the feelings of betrayal together with the guilt around the children.

I just used more and more drugs finishing up on heroin and crack cocaine and completely broken and angry at the whole world. Those last ten years were the most self destructive years of my life. I had no self esteem or self worth and had lost the will to live. I attempted suicide but was saved by a passer-by which made me very angry.

I eventually went into rehab, got off the drugs, and worked a recovery programme. This entailed talking about my life. While in treatment I was told to write out my life story and then read it out in front of the whole group, you can't imagine how traumatic and painful that was.

I was told if I talked about the memories enough they would disappear, but they didn't.

I was still a prisoner in my own mind.

The things that I couldn't forget were affecting my relationships and I was angry and resentful a lot, with a short temper.  I was really critical and impatient with other people. I comfort- ate and couldn't stop it which frustrated me.

When I met Cathryn I knew immediately knew there was something different in her approach.

She has such a gentle technique that made even the most traumatic events of my life easy to work through and when we had finished a session I was amazed at how I could just talk about my sexual abuse issue or some other trauma and all the fear, shame or some other emotional feelings were gone. I could never put into words how much I have gained from working with Cathryn.

One of the most amazing freeing experiences I had was that I could remember all these memories from the past but they had no hold over me anymore. These memories had been affecting me for 40-50 years, and now I have found peace, real peace and I say that because they have stayed that way! That was really amazing for me.

My life and relationships with others has dramatically improved. I find myself a lot more tolerant and easy going. I have lost 2 stone in weight without dieting as I don't comfort eat now. I am finding out who I really am and I am really happy with what has been revealed up to now, and I am still a work in progress. Now it is an adventure! I hope anyone that might read my story finds some hope in there. God Bless you."

UPDATETrevor is now a qualified therapist himself, specialising in addictions.  He is an amazing example of a person who turned his life around through his courage and determination, and his willingness to accept and explore his past. 


(Di's son Matt died in 2008 from a malignant melanoma, aged just 24 yrs.)



"Two years after Matt's death I was anxious about the intensity of my grief. I was still overwhelmed with sobbing episodes many times a week. I was always restless and could not sit still, keeping myself as busy as possible to block it out. It was incredibly difficult.

When I arranged to work with Cathryn, I was still concerned, as I had so much emotion I thought it would all come out in an uncontrollable rush and not really help. She promised me that it would not be like that, and I plucked up the courage to go for my first session.

We worked through the very upsetting memories of some of the worst events with Matt at the hospital. We got to the end of the session by tackling one little detail at a time,( I had not realised how important some of these were) and by then I felt completely different, much calmer, about the memories. I was surprised how easy it was, and how safe I felt.

In the second session we dealt with my guilt, which was extreme, but again it vanished by the end. I had just one more session, and this time we worked on my difficulty visiting Matt's grave. The feelings I had about that transformed completely, so that it felt far less upsetting and easier to accept. The changes we achieved have stayed that way, and it is several months now.

I feel those three sessions helped me to reach a more comfortable place, and I have noticed a real difference in the intensity of my grieving. I am able to live my life more fully. It was so helpful to achieve so much in just 3 hours work.

Di with sons Matt and Dan

Di with sons Matt and Dan

I hope that by sharing my story, other people who have suffered the shock of bereavement will be encouraged to try Cathryn's methods. I fully recommend them."


"I was suffering with several problems, namely grief and loss, anger, anxiety and food addiction. I had used general counselling but this only helped to a certain extent. I now know it only helped on a superficial level and didn't allow me to explore at the depth which was needed.

Working with Cathryn I was surprised how quickly the process highlighted my issues and how gently they were resolved.  I felt very safe and able to express exactly how I was feeling.

I can honestly say that none of the memories which we worked on have reverted to their original painful form or bothered me since. Those traumas from the past are now as they should be – just memories, to be looked at occasionally as an experience which can be drawn on for the future.

I have become more confident in myself; I have retrieved "the power" which I had allowed someone else to take.  I no longer feel the need to justify my actions or position to anyone other than myself. In other words I'm being happy just being me. My advice to anyone looking at Cathryn's work and wondering how it can change anything is to try it!"


"I was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and alcohol problems and had serious debilitating chronic illness for 18yrs. I had an alcoholic abusive stepfather. My parents divorced when I was 5, and my mother has had health problems all of my life, which has impacted on my life to a huge extent. I have worked as a mental health nurse for 27 yrs, in managerial positions, and have suffered bullying from staff. At times it was so difficult I felt suicidal.

I had seen a psychologist in the past every week for a year.  I had seen 2 counsellors – one for about 3 months and the other for 2 years. I had 3 sessions with a NLP Therapist. I was under a psychiatrist for 3 years! I saw my GP regularly who tried me on about 7 different anti depressants... all to no real avail.

I booked a session with Cathryn (very sceptically) following a recommendation from a friend.

I was surprised at how intuitive Cathryn was, and how she seemed to get to the core of the issues so quickly. It seemed miraculous to me, something I have never experienced before. Nothing has come close to what I experienced in these sessions.

Working through the painful memories was intense, but the way that Cathryn works feels very comforting, and it somehow enables you to find the right memories and trapped emotions- something I don't believe other therapies can do. Predominantly there were many feelings of relief and 'aha' moments. I felt like I could completely let go and experience and express my emotions however they presented in the moment. I felt completely safe to do this.

The memories we found and worked through changed- so that they make sense now rather than seem upsetting and frightening. Since working on the memories they have not reverted to their original form, and have not bothered me, in fact they even hold some positive meaning now.

The changes I have experienced since working with Cathryn have been nothing short of miraculous. I feel emotionally free from the unhealthy entanglement I had with my mum and am finally enjoying a happier relationship with her. I feel lighter, freer, less guilty, and more compassionate towards myself- as if I've 'come home'."


"I was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress when I saw Cathryn speaking at a health event. I was immediately impressed with her knowledge of psychology, the mind-body relationship and her clear dedication.

Working with Cathryn has clearly taken the edge off the symptoms I was experiencing as well as addressing the root cause in the trauma. She is particularly intuitive.

The solutions are already working, everyday. Cathryn provides an amazing, time-effective treatment and she is an exceptional practitioner whom I can't recommend more strongly."


"I  was suffering as a result of a sexual assault that happened several years ago. I had tried EFT before but it had not worked. I was persuaded by a friend to try working with Cathryn.

I was really surprised by the way she quickly analysed and assessed the situation. The process she used was not really difficult for me, in fact quite relaxing and most of all uplifting. It was very calm and controlled, despite the fact we were looking at such a difficult memory.

It changed from being "raw" to very distant, and it has stayed that way since which is a big relief. Cathryn is a very gifted and knowledgeable therapist, who can find the necessary information and work with it superbly well.  I'm so glad my friend persuaded me to call her!" 


"I stepped into Cathryn's practice a nervous individual with many different symptoms. I was anxious and depressed, plagued by repetitive negative thoughts, paranoid feelings and insecurities. I had IBS type symptoms, sickness and headaches, plus constant fatigue. I had previously tried everything it seemed- many different therapies that hadn't worked. ( antidepressants, CBT, Counselling, herbal medicine, acupuncture) It really felt like my last hope.

I left even the first session feeling happier and lighter after uncovering and resolving some painful experiences from my past.  It's amazing that even while dealing with negative emotions and difficult memories that you can be smiling and laughing during parts of the session. I have never looked at the memories the same way since.

Cathryn is the most caring and supportive person I have worked with. She is genuinely passionate about her work and helping you recover. To me there is nobody better to work with than someone who understands you and your illness.

My life has now completely changed and when I look back at the "ill" me it seems like a different person. I finally have the real me back which is fantastic."


"I had a bad road accident 17 years ago, and almost lost my arm. After years of reconstructive surgery, I was suffering with depression, and taking medication. I was at such a low ebb, really lacking in confidence and being taken advantage of by other people, as I had no ability to stand up for myself.

Working with Cathryn was really a matter of getting rid of the shock and hurt still in the memories of my accident, and the operations and hospitalisation I endured afterwards. I did not even believe that those feelings were in them, but I realise now I had just blanked them out.

I am now much more confident, not depressed any more, and have the "old me" back. My family have commented on the big changes in me, and I would recommend anyone who has suffered a bad accident or trauma to try this."

NANCE( phone client)

"When I first started working with Cathryn, it was the first time I had worked with someone about emotional issues via phone. I was concerned if I could have the connection I needed without working in person. I was won over in the first session ! I don't know how Cathryn does it, but she is so intuitive, even without sitting across from me.

After only a couple of sessions, Cathryn uncovered deep emotional issues I had buried since childhood. Twenty years ago, I went through 5 years of intensive traditional therapy and never found the cause to so many of my issues. Now, Cathryn had done this in only a few hours...truly amazing.

Even across the phone lines, I can sense her genuine concern. And for me, so important, she makes me laugh at what I thought was monumental. It is like she has this zap machine that disintegrates a giant problem into manageable pebbles.  Thankyou Cathryn!"


"When I first went to see Cathryn I was extremely anxious about everything. I had difficulty sleeping, felt restless and suffered from IBS.  I had to do everything immediately, couldn't sit and relax and organised my day into rigid chunks of 30 minutes of time so that it was completely organised – there was no room for spontaneity.

Perhaps my biggest problem was anxiety – about everything, including social anxiety, which sometimes stopped me doing anything because I was so scared of the perceived consequences.

Working with Cathryn I soon learnt that I had a core belief that the world was a scary place and that was really limiting me. This had come from my very early experiences in life, some of them quite traumatic and with Cathryn's help I was able to, quite quickly, turn round the way I felt about those experiences and felt about myself. So much so that I was able to go to New Zealand on my own and do a parachute jump – there was no way in a million years I would ever have done this before working with Cathryn.

Zoe mid flight!

Zoe mid flight!

My IBS has now gone and I suddenly realised quite recently, when I was listening to one of my friends and their anxieties, that actually I don't worry so much about outcomes now. I'm currently working in a temporary 6 month contract – something I would have never done before because I would have been too scared of not having a job at the end.

The way in which Cathryn works feels really safe and comfortable. She is very intuitive and is able very quickly to get to the nub of the matter and really help in a big way.  I can quite literally say that my life has changed significantly for the better."


"As both a working screenwriter and educationalist of over twenty years, I cannot overstate the impact that EFT has had on many aspects of my life and career, ranging from challenging and overcoming limiting self-beliefs through to the dreaded writer’s block. It is a highly effective way forward.

Cathryn is an incredibly skilled and astute practitioner who carries out a typical session in a relaxed, thought-provoking manner. She deals with difficult issues in a sensitive and intelligent way."


"I was suffering with unexplained symptoms – whenever I encountered danger or even saw it on the TV, my legs would tingle and I felt high anxiety. As I worked with Cathryn on this, a memory sprang to the front of my mind. During a shift at work 15 years ago I had encountered an offender with a loaded shotgun, pointed into my face. After a struggle I managed to disarm and arrest the offender. The incident left me feeling dazed. My life had literally flashed before my eyes, and now I could not focus on many things.

I became withdrawn. Counselling did not help me. As I now worked through the memory with Cathryn, I could recall the minute details of the incident, even down to the rust on the gun barrel. I felt my heart racing and my legs shook and tingled intensely. I had never realised that the memory was giving me the physical symptoms before this. It was a revelation! Step by step and at a pace I was able to deal with, Cathryn unravelled the memory, making me feel safe and secure.

I concluded the session smiling, unable now to find any traumatic feelings in the memory. Since the session I have noticed a 75% improvement in my tingling symptoms, and I am much calmer and less anxious when it does occur, and there is still more work to do on another memory."


"I was abused as a child and went on to have an abusive marriage which ended in divorce. My self esteem was always very low and I was anxious a lot of the time, especially in social situations. I somehow thought it was my fault that these things happened to me. I was also at odds with a lot of people in my life and felt isolated.

Before I sought Cathryn out I had tried other methods of therapy such as counselling and antidepressants. I found counselling very traumatic and difficult, because of the need to relive the emotional trauma of the abuse.  As a result I spent three days in tears and was totally distressed. I felt angry and bitter as these feelings had been brought to the forefront but not dealt with.

Working with Cathryn is so different. The traumatic memories that we worked on have been approached with great care and sensitivity. I was able to revisit them without much distress, even though I got upset, it wasn't too difficult. Cathryn respected how I felt and took things at my pace.

I could hardly believe that one session had dispersed the guilt and self loathing that I had felt for some 25 years.

I was amazed that after the sessions I experienced no distress at all. I am now a lot more calm and relaxed in general, and approach situations with far more confidence. I continue to work through my painful memories and actually look forward to each new session. With Cathryn's support I have come to realise that if I feel uncomfortable I can now do something about it."