Cathryn Deyn

holistic psychology


 Cathryn has twenty years experience as a therapist in her Lincolnshire private practice.

SHE treats a wide range of mental health and emotional issues in adults, teenagers and children -


depression    .   loss/grief  
bullying   .   low self- esteem  
eating disorders  .  anxiety
stress related physical problems
bereavement    .  trauma
post traumatic stress
   behavioural  issues   .  self harm  
 post natal/birth/fertility issues
  performance anxiety   .  work/career issues
 chronic fatigue   .  relationship problems
 and more...

Cathryn's practice is in the village of Nettleham, north of the city of Lincoln, UK.  Sessions are held in a large, light and airy therapy room, overlooking a pleasant garden.  Plentiful and restriction free parking is available. Cathryn also offers consultations by telephone or Skype and works with clients from all over the world.
All sessions cost £60 for up to 75 minutes. 
For more information or to discuss your particular needs, please contact Cathryn via the form on the Contact page or call on the telephone numbers below.

Also available


Helping you to

resolve the sense of 'stuckness' in your life'~overcome your limitations~ define and achieve your goals




I deliberated for ages before I contacted Cathryn, believing that my problems were too insignificant to warrant treatment and were feelings that would ‘just pass’ or ‘something I just had to live with’ - how wrong I was!!

From the first initial contact over the phone (which for me, and I guess for others, was the biggest and hardest step of all). Cathryn immediately put my mind at rest and made me feel completely at ease. Even in that short conversation I trusted her and knew that she could help!

For most, life is hectic, trying to balance family, work and all the other pressures that life throws at us can be difficult. For me this had become too much and I was struggling to cope, drowning in my own fear and anxiety.

Cathryn provides a relaxed environment, which is non confrontational. She takes time to listen to the issues at hand and deals with them methodically, carefully and with complete empathy.

Cathryn has helped me to manage life.... she has helped me develop a tool box of strategies to deal with stress, anger, worry and fear in all aspects of my life. All the techniques have helped me to deal with difficult and challenging  situations that I may encounter, as well as allowing my mind to have the break it needs... when it all seems tobe getting ‘too much to handle’

It is amazing after even the first treatment, how simple yet effective techniques can make an immediate and positive impact on your life.

The mind is a beautiful thing but every now and then it just needs a little TLC!!  I would urge any one to contact Cathryn, with any problem big or small.





(01522) 752158    or

07938 855906