Cathryn Deyn

holistic psychology


Secret Grief: a journey through grief in poetry and prose.


Cathryn's first book is now available via the Lulu website -

It will also be on Amazon, and the Barnes and Noble websites in mid July.


"Modern life leaves little room for grief. There is enormous pressure to simply take our losses on the chin and hide the emotional turmoil within us.  Meanwhile, grief simply waits for the opportunity to move - to pass naturally through our hearts, minds and bodies as the dynamic healing process it can be.

In Secret Grief we are provided with a valuable time out. Holistic psychologist Cathryn’s frank and moving poetry brings clarity, reassurance and relief. Her words invite us to a place where grief is given a voice, where nothing is taboo and where there is comfort in knowing that our suffering, though intensely personal, is clearly echoed by another. As we cry out ‘Me too!’ we are no longer so alone; as we dare to share the reality of our grieving, we deepen and strengthen our precious human connections."


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I hope you were amazed, finding you could fly,

feeling such freedom with a new joy.

I hope you soared, higher than you ever could have guessed,

into a blue-sky heaven, amongst old friends and angels.

I hope you found the strength you missed, and rose with grace

through soft white clouds, and made your way back home.




Cathryn Deyn