Cathryn Deyn

holistic psychology


Secret Grief: A Journey Through Grief in Poetry and Prose.




"This is a remarkable book about loss and grieving. It contains beautiful bite-sized poems interspered with sensitive advice on how to make it through the awful, life-changing thing we know as grief.  As a practicing volunteer with Cruse Bereavement Care, I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with loss and letting go."
" The book is incredibly insightful and is proving to be an enormous support."
" Reading Secret Grief was like sitting with a friend who understands and is unafraid to share my pain."
" I have been moved to tears and even laughter.  As a psychotherapist I would have no hesitation in recommending this book"
" This book has had a life-changing, supportive effect on my journey.  For anyone who needs to feel less alone in their heartbreak, this book will help you find your way home"

Cathryn's passion and love for writing was something she kept to herself, until deeply traumatic personal circumstances arrived in her life in 2014.  Writing was both a comfort and a saviour during the next few years. She wrote most days about her experiences, in the form of succinct poetry and prose, with no future plans for the things she had written. Her creative output resulted in many insights about grief and loss, which she was able to pass on to her clients, and it was the sharing of two poems with a bereaved client that led to the publication of Secret Grief. The lady found the poems so resonated with her, that she urged Cathryn to make the things she had written more widely available to others, and so - she did!


Secret Grief is available from several websites online, including Amazon.


Click on this link  to read the blog post about Secret Grief by author Simon Parke -




don't come at me

with the mop and bucket

of your kindness


to clean away my pain

as if I am a dirty



You offer me

shiny platitudes

that are foil-wrapped.

I can taste your



I do not want

to have to feel better

for you; I am broken

yet you smile as if

I've lost a button.



don't come at me

with the mop and bucket

of your kindness.


Please don't.





I must let you go

they intimate, often,

as if you are a pebble

I might drop into a pond.


Let you go, how?


The you who is woven

into the very fabric of me;

the thread I dare not pull at

lest I unravel completely.


You must accept, they say,

and pat my arm.


As if you are a feather

I could cast into the breeze.

As if you are just one beat

of this lonely, aching heart.


Poetry by Cathryn Deyn